Submitting a form returns to the app's home screen

My app’s URL: Yes, I know that this isn’t the right screen, but I’ve yet to publish my app. If I’m wrong, I can change it quickly.

So my problem is that when I submit a new form entry, it brings me back to “Home” screen of my app. I need it to go to the previous screen where the user originally hit the “Submit a Move” form button.

Not sure if this is a bug, so if it isn’t, please bump to the appropriate category.

It doesn’t do that for me. Could you post a video?

Yes, sorry for the delay. Here you go:

I tried it multiple times with the same unfortunate result.

I noticed the same thing in the builder, but on a phone and viewing the app in a desktop browser it worked fine.


Strange. I wasn’t quite ready to publish the app, so I never thought to try it that way.

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We’ll fix it soon. Thank you for reporting!