Form screen closing before user can press Submit

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I have an app that has a nested choice function as follows:

  1. In a Home screen, user selects one of six action categories to log using “buttons” (an inline list in tile format).

  2. Each button takes the user to a second inline list (compact format) of examples. The list changes, depending on the action chosen in step #1.

  3. The user selects from a third inline checklist of potential participants in the action.

  4. User then presses a “Review and submit” button that takes them to a Form screen.

  5. The Form screen displays the action, the example, and who participated. It also allows the user to add a comment. The user submits the form by pressing “Submit” in the upper right.

  6. “Submit” triggers a a script that deletes the entries in the checkbox in step 2. The script appears to be working correctly.

I am encountering several glitches with the app:

  • At the “Review and submit screen” the app hangs for a moment as it waits to populate the “who” field based on their input on the previous screen. The app then goes back to the Home screen. The app only works on the first attempt if the user does not make any changes to the “who” checklist.

  • If the user repeats their entry, they can get to the review screen again, but the content in the “who” field will not necessarily reflect what was entered on the previous screen (although the Google sheet is accurately capturing their entries).

I built this app a few weeks ago, and it was running fine then. Not sure what’s changed in the meantime.

I realize the nested inline lists may not be the best way to implement this. Any guidance on a cleaner implementation would be appreciated!

This hasn’t happened to me. But something similar.

  1. Say, I am on a details screen (like a launch pad with a button). Call it screen A.
  2. Button takes me to another screen (sheet) which is also details view. Screen B. There is a form button.
  3. Form button navigates me to the form screen. On submit, sometimes, I am taken back to screen A instead of B.

The issue is not consistent. I can’t predictably reproduce it. Happens once in a while. @mthakershi is this happening in the Glide development environment of the deployed app? I reason I ask is that sometimes in data refresh I see similar behavior where all of a sudden I’m sort of reset and loose where I was.

I have seen this in development environment. Not sure about deployed app.

I’m seeing it in the app development environment. It’s consistent, i.e., every time they get to the last screen. It looks like the app itself (on my phone) is working as intended. :smile: