Stripe payment links via Zapier


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Nice…but still can’t embed them with Web View Component :frowning:

Doesn’t Glide play a role in that too?

Nope. Stripe explicitly does not allow the embedding of payment links—I talked with Stripe developers about this last year.

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Well, when Glide doesn’t allow embedding Glide apps via webview :wink:

That’s glide not allowing an app to be embedded on other websites though. That’s a lot different than other websites not allowing themselves to be embedded within a glide webview. That’s completely at the discretion of the other websites and out of Glide’s control.

There’s a lot of security implications involved, which can put user data at risk if you start to allow embedding. You may have good intentions, but if anybody in the world can be allowed to embed any website into any other website, then you have to worry about those with evil intentions. Financial websites are definitely going to be much more careful about how their site is used and where. I think Glide is also being careful to prevent users with little technical knowledge about web security from getting themselves in trouble.

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Sorry, Jeff. In the past I could embed example Glide apps in my main Glide app via web view. At a certain point that stopped. If i’m wrong it has changed again, I hope so!

Yes, you could in the past, but then Glide closed up some security holes, which meant having to removed the ability to do that. It’s covered in this post:

I know, but when Glide doesn’t allow embeds of its own, it’s maybe it’s not strange Stripe doesn’t allow embeds either? I would prefer fixing the security hole though!