Iframe - Stripe Customer Portal

Hi all,

Understanding that Glide won’t allow HTML, is there a way to integrate our Stripe portal link via an iframe or other method?

Link I want to display - https://billing.stripe.com/p/login/fZe5mA9Onf8d7qo9AA

Any help is appreciated!


The only option would be to use a Web Embed component.

But that link doesn’t allow itself to be embedded. That’s a Stripe issue, not a Glide issue.
If you can get an embeddable link from Stripe, then it should work.

Hey @Darren_Murphy thanks for the quick reply!

Yeah kind of tricky. I was opting for the web embed option to work, to keep the user within Glide rather than forcing externally. Certainly a nicety rather than a ‘need’.

Thanks for your help!

it’s somewhat confusing that web pages don’t always seems to work though. Even Glide’s own web page which is a provided example doesn’t work

yeah, Glide no longer allows web embedding of Glide (except by request, and only to Business/Enterprise customers).

iFrame embedding is always a bit hit and miss. Some sites allow it, and some don’t. Some provide specific embed links for iFrames. All of these things are outside of Glide’s control.