How to Embed Code

I would need to integrate an embedded code into a page within glide.
The code looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Is there a different way to allow Glide to interpret the snippet, or is it not possible? I have tried unsuccessfully with RT and Webview.
Thanks in advance to those who will answer me!

May we know what this code is for? I don’t think it’s possible to embed JS for now.

It is a route of an excursion with map, duration, etc.

You need to embed the iFrame with js into a web page (something you create ‘wherever’), then you use a webview to show your page.

But it might be tricky to get a parameterized url into your web page though!

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I’ve done this with Mark before, you can use to embed the script and the use a webview as Mark siggested


Thank you all for the response. The iframe suggestion is what I had tried, but I’m not very favorable to this kind of embedding, working in the cybersecurity field.
The second system is an elegant way to get around the problem, but in my case is not good because the application that generates the snippet takes as reference the domain of my site.
I hope that a valid method of code encapsulation is seriously considered to improve our webapps.


Is it now possible to embed JS ? Do we have any updates on that topic ?


Depends…what are you trying to embed?

A Stripe pricing table. Something similar to this :

I think for something like that you’ll need to use the web embed. Looks like Stripe has a different version of the code wrapped in some html. If you already have a separate page built and hosted elsewhere, you can embed that. If not, you can put the code in a template column and use some javascript to convert the html and script into a datauri that you can then use in a web embed component.

Refer to this post for how to set it up.

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