Strange data removal

Hello everyone!

I had a list of counterparties in my app. Today I have noticed that some of them have been removed from the google sheet.

Previously, it looked in this way:

But at 7:56 (it can be seen in right menu) the rows started to be cleaned. It was done using the app, because the only owner of this google account is me and I was sleeping at this time. The other users of the app, who have an access to the list and delete component haven’t done this also (they were also sleeping at this time) - their access is managed using visibility by acces type in Profile. What is more, the rows have been cleaned fully, not only the cell with counterparty name. However, there is a strange thing that one row have been cleared for two times (row 8):

This is a quite strange and critical issue. Do you have any thoughts on the reasons of the problem?