Store w/o billing

hi Gliders,

as you know in many countries stripe is not supported so we need to find an alternative solution.
I recently built a store w/o billing for a chain of fish stores (about 60 stores that each belong ro someone else but are under same chain).
I would share the app but it’s in Hebrew so want help you much so decided to share a viseo with you.

let me know what you think or if you have nay questions.



Thanks, I was not looking for solution but rather shared one :).
This was the request of the customer to built a store w/q billing but truly appreciate wanting to help.


Great app. Thanks for explaining the interface in English. Very nice of you.

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Beautiful! Very detailed, just what I like to see as a customer. Nice flow. Great!

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I like your use of the choice component for filtering new/dispatched orders etc,something I will use in my future delivery apps :grinning: