Store without payments

I’m planning on creating an app for a local catering company who got hit hard with cancellations last year due to Covid, but haven’t been able to figure out some of the functionality I want yet.

Essentially i think it needs some of the same functionality as a restaurant ordering app - but without payments. So ideally users will be able to add or remove menu items, and then submit their selections. I’m also hoping to include a way to calculate prices based on price per portion multiplied by a ‘number of guests’ figure that the user chooses.

Any examples out there of apps with store-like functionality without the need for payments?

I think, this is exactly what you need:

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Hi Uzo,
Do you have the new link for this app? This one does not work (404).

oh, that is a very old app… I sold it a long time ago… it is now on some different URL … i don’t even know it anymore…
what are you looking for?

A kind of bid/quote app.
The consumer selects, as in a ecom, different products with different quantities then submits his request to a restaurant which can give him a price according to his selection.
Basically, I need the «basket» functionality without Stripe.

a shopping cart?
just use the USC column to mark selections, and join them when submitting

When the consumer will come back (new session/quote). Does the user will see his previous selection? How I can clear it to make sure it will start from nothing?

you don’t need to clear it, when someone is starting shopping generates a unique identifier and marks selections with that value… if they submit or cancel order, generate a new one… this value also will serve as your reference to relate items in your cart

My biggest problem is to make it very convenient (easy to use) with only one click instead of 2 screens per item to add.
Do you have a hack or an idea to do something like this?

you would have to use CSS to show multiple inline lists vertically …
to match the screen you showing… you need 5 lists minimum… to align SKU and price in column… you have to add 2 more

something like this:

i put together 4 lists