Restaurant order taking app

Hello. I want to create an order-taking app for a restaurant without using the shopping cart/buy button feature. My customers can come to the restaurant, give orders through our restaurant’s tablet, and their order is sent to the Kitchen.

Can you please guide me and advise me on how to make this kind of app? I am trying to use forms but I can’t enter the quantity for each item. Like it’s not making sense. Let me know if you guys have better ideas.

@SantiagoPerez @ThinhDinh @Robert_Petitto @Wiz.Wazeer EXPERTS PLEASE HELP.

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This topic has been talked about extensively in the forum. Doing a search for “restaurant” “shopping cart” or “online orders” will get you going. That being said, if you’re looking to hire out, reach out to one of us here:


I have already done that but I couldn’t find any solution. I would be really glad if you could help me :frowning: If not, then please share the link of the topic where this problem has been discussed. I would really appreciate your help :frowning:

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Also, have you had a look at the templates store? You can filter by “local business” and there you will find a few restaurant apps, you might find what you are looking for.

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As @Robert_Petitto mentioned, an e-commerce or shopping cart template may be the foundation you need for your app.

Take a look to see if the Glidecart template has the features you’re looking for. You could change the store items to food items for a restaurant.


I have built an app for a restaurant in India to enable taking orders for both signed-in users and non signed-in users.
Check it out here:

It has the workflows setup for sending orders to the waiter along with whatsapp notifications. I don’t usually upload templates because my apps have more complexity than the template store allows so if you want to build something similar, you can get in touch with me from here: Manan Mehta • Expert • Glide


Is your app for sale. I just want to learn how have you made this. PLEASE.

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