Wiz's Restaurant PRO -Read on

Gliders, here is a preview of Wiz’s Restaurant PRO -(the standard version is in the template store!

If you have any helpful suggestions, please feel at home.

(1) - First test as customer- (select menu items - go to cart–will ask you to sign up)…then see it in action as customer.

(2) - Then in the customer account click “update record” - under “Access Lever” - type in Editor. You will then be able to view how the restaurant views orders and can toggle off dispatched orders and items to see how they slide into archive. Only restaurant can delete items.

link -


Wiz’s Restaurant PRO

Key Features

  • Self operated menu builder.
  • Self operated allergens menu builder.
  • Built in fully functional online ordering cart that does not rely on third party integration like Stripe or Zapier.
  • Ability to integrate third part payment processing systems.
  • Option to pay over the phone.
  • Option to pay on collection.
  • Option to pay on delivery.
  • Option to pay by card or PayPal.
  • Search by menu item
  • In-app table reservation with in-app view (customers), and delete (restaurant).
  • Add Special Offers.
  • Reservation Inquiry form (email notification can be set up for life. No expensive zapiers needed. Contact developer.
  • Cart menu item reset button.
  • Same customer can order within seconds of each order - no time barrier. Old confirmed menu items/orders do not get deleted when a new order is placed. Restaurant deletes at own space and time. Script can be set up as additional service that will clear the orders sheet every 24 hours, or as you please.
  • Restaurant zone - Restaurant can view all orders and items otherwise invisible to the customer, and delete each dispatched order and item in-app instead of from the spread sheet. Customer can view all orders and archives, but not delete any orders or items.
  • Completed sales/ orders/ menu items go into the archive once order and items have been ticked off as dispatched by restaurant/chef. If a mistake is made, chef can return orders and items to new orders/items list.
  • Customer Zone - Customers must sign up to place order, and register their card details (optional).
  • Ideas on how to accept PayPal/other card payments.
  • Stripe payment processing is recommended.
  • Unique order ID.
  • Final order on single row.
  • You do not need 2 apps (public & admin) to operate your business. Found a way to navigate all that!!!
  • Pure Glide script.

Seems a little bare. Could you add a few more features? :wink:


You just made my day :rofl:

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Pls test it when you get some time.

Is it an APP or a rocket to moon?? :rofl:

Saludos @Wiz.Wazeer


You also just made my day :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

  1. I found the checkout process little confusing.
  • “Sent” toast should be “Added to card”.
  • When cart has items, it should show the label of items in the cart. This should be overall feature in glide. User knows it was successful and leads to checkout.
  • Checkout screen said my account wasn’t there. So when I went to fill in account information, there was no submit button.
  1. Checkout screen also had a blank button.
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A click on the Open Hours button opens your bio app

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The ordering process is quite long and confusing. To be honest, this part of your app should ne reworked a bit I think. As a customer, I won’t go to the end of the ordering process, where 2 or 3.confirmations and steps are required, it’s quite long…

It seems you’re gonna let this app available as a template in the store it’s a good idea but I think there’s too much details in the app and the ordering process is lot of steps and options, what could afraid people due to the rework needed to adapt a’d adjust this app to their own restaurant.

You should sell this app directly to restaurants : show them how it works, what it does, and how YOU can adjust this app to fit their needs and context.


Why type twice quantities?
First is a text entry and second a number entry

Ordering is confusing . Form in a form?
I have not been able to checkout
Double reservation method is confusing

Show the app one grandfather and ask him to checkout without guideness.

I would implement :star2: in reviews


Yes, the form in form does not work, the first form is trashed

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Thank you for all suggestions. Qty cannot be explained, but all other info is taken on board. Tx

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Thank you. Much appreciated. Being acted on with immediate effect.

Not a form in a form to the restaurant. It’s two checkouts. This is the response I wanted. Some clients want whole order on a single row- go for second checkout. Some don’t mind several rows - go first.

Not been able to checkout becz you found it confusing or becz something wasn’t letting you? If first, got it. If second, pls elaborate so I can fix it.

Two reservation bit simple enough. That you shouldn’t find confusing. It says reservation “inquiry”. Other says BOOK a table. It’s quite normal. Also clearly explained on hone screen. But, taken on board.

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Actually I’ll keep both checkout for demo purpose and build two checkout versions of same app :slightly_smiling_face:Tx

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Checkout is confusing. In fact I am in the cart tab and there is no checkout button.

For booking table you are asking address and marked as required…also both email and phone…and you ask for an ID to he customer.
People is lazy. Why do you need so much info??

The simpler, the better.


Taken on board. Tx

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The checkout button is activated once you place items in the cart. I’ll look into this. Anyways simplifying it. The lazy part was my worry too :rofl:.

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So this is my cart with items but no checkout button

I think I might know what happened. Anyway I’m making free tweaks and then will upload app again little later in the evening. I’ll leave the reservation form alone for now as it’s a minor thing. Give me couple of hours because I need your helpful suggestions pls.


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