Just eat clone

Power of Glide at work. Just Eat is a very popular multiple sign up food ordering web/app in Europe. Here is how I replicated it. Got the cart to work for multiple business users. PayPal Payment links by business etc.


and the link @Wiz.Wazeer? :thinking:


Forgot in my rush. It’s a rehash of the food ordering cart.

Gvalero, just remembered something. Did you manage to get the whatsApp push notifications to work ?

No yet!

Okay, give me few days. When done :white_check_mark: I’ll share with you. There is a simpler way round this. Discovered today. Hoping it will work.

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Hi Wiz,

Congrats on your app :+1:

When you say “Got the cart to work for multiple business users. PayPal Payment links by business etc.” you mean that you’re linking to individual PayPal payment checkouts per item sold or are you able to add multiple items from a single business to a pseudo-cart, show a total and then send the buyer to a PayPal checkout for that specific pseudo-cart total, for that one single business?


Thanks Gliderrr,

I did my best. I’m sure there is room for much improvement.

The pseudo cart works for multiple businesses. So you can order from any business and any number of items and it will total up and send you to only that businesses Payment links. But there is a catch. If you place an order, you should see a receipt pop up with all details of the order, the business details, all your details , an order reference, and final bill including ways to cancel order. Don’t worry, only the person ordering sees the details (user specific). On the receipt there is a button which when you tap takes you to the payment links page which hosts all the businesses and their payment links. You type In the name of your caterer and are taken to their pseudo secure payment zone. You would then assuming you have a PayPal account pay the amount on the bill. You would have to enter the amount and the order reference number. Once payment is made, business will receive an email confirmation from PayPal. But PayPal would not have first hand knowledge of this. They are just processing a payment and doing what they always do. Send a confirmation of payment received with the reference.

Place an order. Order multiple items. Do it from both businesses.


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If your interested in a single business user theme with a pseudo cart that requires no third party integration, take a look at this app. All a business needs to do is set up a google spreadsheet to start receiving orders and getting paid.

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Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

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Hi wiZ howd you get the total qty and total payment

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You can do the calculations either on sheet or editor.

I prefer and recommend the editor. Go to editor:

1 create math column. Then do a Qty * Price for total price.
2. For Total Qty, create rollup column, summarising the values of the Qty by calculating the Sum.
3. For Total Price, create rollup Column, summarising the math column in 1 above, by calculating the Sum.

Have a good day!

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Let me try That! THANX!!

Hi Wiz I have created the Above but Seems it totalled all, id like to have it total showing what just ahs been ordered by the user

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Managed to get it QTY shown using rollup but now i have to show it to the form…please advise

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For this just do what is in number 1 - Math column Qty * price

What do you mean by form ? You are using a pseudo cart?

Are you trying to build a multi vendor template like Just eat? If you are don’t waste your time. Just let me know and I’ll give you a free copy so you can work directly on it. The pseudo cart game is a little tricky if you are new to all this stuff.

My just eat cart is an older version but should solve all your immediate problems.


Hi WIZ! Id love to study your work, yes id like to do a psuedo cart, to do a type of cart where we can see Specific customer Placed order and do a type of COD transaction.

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