Online food ordering cart with EU/UK 14 allergens menu.


Thanks! It looks great!

When a user book a table… does he receive any confirmation?

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Tx Julio,

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As for single user and would be using spreadsheet, I decided against the idea to give restaurant final say over whether it wanted to allocate seats to the diners. When you say does customer receive confirmation, you mean some sort of email? On the app they would see “sent” confirmation. But if say a restaurant wanted customers to be able to book online and receive confirmation of booking with no say in the decision by the restaurant then that could be very easily implemented. I could set one up very easily and again wouldn’t require any third party integration. Glide pure & simple!
The booking form would show a list of all seat availability times and dates which the restaurant could set. When a customer tries to place an order, and say a seat was booked, the system would return “unavailable”.


Thanks a lot Wiz!! That has given me very good ideas!!


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Thanks for sharing. Do you know if there is another way for check out than paypalme? not really convenient for customers not having a paypal account.

I am really looking forward to get some improvements on the shopping cart.

Tx. Currently it is not possible unless as you are very probably aware your using a stripe account, which I realise isn’t available in many parts of the world. Your also right unless you have a PayPal account, the solution offered would not work. You could speak to your business bank manager to see if they would allow your business account to be used for a fee per transaction. You could then replace paypal email/me with visa/debit card etc. Really depends on country of trade. I know of some counties where banks allow you to receive Business transaction money directly into your (even) personal account, a case in point being Bangladesh. I don’t know but maybe you could set up an offshore bank account.



When you say:

“I decided against the idea to give restaurant final say over whether it wanted to allocate seats to the diners.”

Do you mean that the restaurant does not have the ability to accept (confirm) the table reservation?


To clarify, YES restaurant has ability to confirm reservation instantaneously. The system confirms reservation received and the restaurant can see that at their end on their spreadsheet immediately. If restaurant cannot cater then they can email or call/text customer. But I think what I was hinting at was there are several options. With my app you don’t need Zapier. If some clients of the app want an email confirmation to be sent in addition, I can set one up as long as they have Gmail account. So each time a new customer row is added, they will receive an email. You don’t need Zapier for that. Requires a few lines of script. Other options are sending sms, allowing booking on app itself with ability for client to view his booking on app. I mean there are several options.

When I said I decided against idea, by that I meant, which I think the questioner wanted to know, immediate email confirmation. Mine already confirms that on the app so why an email? I could easily add a record of confirmation in the same way as for order confirmation. Restaurant can see the Treservation at their end anyway and decide what they want to do. Imagine a situation where 20 ppl wanted a Saturday night, and 20 other ppl cancelled without notice and another 20 just walked in off the street. Even if you got the time and date right (available/unavailable), no way of controlling the heads. If this was hotel reservation app, yes, very easy for obvious reasons. You could achieve it but imagine the headache involved



Gliderrr I’ve just added a tiny feature that shows confirmation of booking request on the request form. Pls take a look. It’s one of many examples.

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Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

Pretty ingenious that you made it work!

So the user is not able to see if a table or time is already booked as they browse at the reservation options? They have to find out when receiving a confirmation or denial for their reservation?

I need to learn more about Google Sheet formulas etc. What type of formulas do you recommend I learn about to be able to understand how to structure a similar booking system?

Cool! I’ll check it out.

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Thank you Gliderrr.

Yes, your right. That option isn’t there. But Version 2 will Include this option. I’ll put glide editor to work immediately.

I have added a little trick now whereby customer receives instant confirmation on the booking form of REQUEST received but asking customer to wait few minutes to receive email/text confirmation from restaurant. Personally, I prefer this but as I said if a client requested xxx of course I’d add it. My main concentration was on the cart and the 14 allergens menu. I think Table reservation form didn’t strike as anything challenging.

As for google sheets. To be honest with you I’m no expert on this. I can claim some authority on HTML, but not sheet formulas. I just know how to get round a lot of the Formula stuff (and do come to know what needs to be known to get my apps up and running). I would really recommend if you could to concentrate on the editor. With the Glide editor you can perform wonders. i barely use formulas to build apps. I just rely on the editor unless I am left with no choice.

If you ever need my help I am always available. Some trade secrets I can share in private :sunglasses:

But two ppl who I feel can claim some authority on formulas are ThinDinh and Jeff. Have a word with them.

Tx. :slightly_smiling_face:


As Wiz said, if you want a responsive app, Glide editor is your friend. Try to build as much as possible on the editor.

However, sometimes there are things that you can only do with Google Sheets formulae and scripts, as of now.

I would recommend you take time to study this course by Ben Collins.


Hi @Wiz.Wazeer very nice APP!!! I just submitted a trial order, hope it doesn’t bother you :smile:

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Antonio Tx. Did you enjoy the meal :shallow_pan_of_food: !

Networks down in my area. Will be back soon.

Okay here is my workaround. A very simple restaurant booking form that requires no third party integration. I’ll will be adding it to wiz’s restaurant theme with some modifications.

Handles time conflict because of the way i tied time with tables servings by head per day. Response sheet contains no formulas. Booking form uses only two formulas. Ready to serve restaurant needs. Dates self increment So no worries.

Big Tx to Jeff as ever. Learned a lot from his booking app. Finally got it work. Response sheet was my main concern. Got it to work like the other themes. In fact this one records every little detail. All you need is a computer and a spreadsheet.


it’s the app I’m trying to create, perfect
is it possible to receive a demo to understand how to create the shopping card?

Tx. It’s available in the Glide template store.

I bought your app this morning, but I couldn’t understand how to check the orders received and the tables booked through the app

Hi GabryRive,

Thank you :blush:. I’m at work at the moment. Pls give me few hours. I’ll help you set everything up. I’ll email you all details shortly as to how to go about it. Pls just make sure you have a spreadsheet ready. To receive orders.

Thank you.

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