Step by step guide to set up custom domain

Anyone have detailed instructions on setting up a custom domain on Google domains? The official guide is lacking steps and is vague in certain areas. Really should be a YouTube video end to end.

@George_b ?

I thought that David had posted something about that already. I’ll do a search. I have not done one myself and even if I did do it once and it was more than a few weeks ago I would have to look it up again, lol.

Here you go. I haven’t read it but it looks like what you need. Custom Domain configuration for GlidePro

Hi George. Quick question, can you use a ssl domain so https as opposed to http? Thanks

That is the more secure way. So yes use https.

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Thanks George, great, fast response as always :slight_smile: have a great day my friend

Hello All,

I created my custom domain and attached it. It’s saying it’s verified, but when I click it or scan it. it goes to glides homepage. Any thoughts on where I went wrong?

It took about 30 minutes to update and forward to my app, but it was done automatically!

Could you create a walk through of what you did?

I would like to test the feature out myself but haven’t had a chance yet.

What parts are you getting hung up on?

I’m happy to help, but all I did was follow Davids video and forwarded my domain from Go daddy.

Awesome thank you so much Jack!


PS you wouldn’t happen to know what to do with sync issues between my sheet and the app?

I haven’t been able to get changes to reflect on the app that have been made on the sheet all morning. Tried reloading the app turning google drive sync on and off etc.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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I’ll let the team know. Could you share the link to your app and sheet? Or DM me if you prefer.

I think it’s a Google sheet issue on Google’s end. IE updating a sheet on your mobile can sometimes say it’s been synced to the cloud proper when it actually hasn’t.