Google Domain not working on Glide app

My domain is not connecting to my Glide app.

Google informed me that my CNAME and all connections are set up right.

The issue on is on Glide’s end.

Anyone else experiencing this or knows how to get around it?

Can you share the custom URL to your app?

@Concept_Brand Maybe a silly question but have you read and followed all the steps outlined in the documentation below?

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So the URL for your app is ?
If that’s it, the DNS is not setup correctly.

Non-authoritative answer:

Apps using custom domains should resolve to something like:


As @Rosewebstudio suggested, you should follow the guide and troubleshooting steps described in the documentation.


Honestly, I’ve watched and reviewed all of the information. I am a Wix user trying to figure out Glide formats. I never have issues with domains or DNS. I truly cannot figure this one out. Google already informed me that I have everything connected correctly. I am following exactly what is required to connect. I truly don’t see the missing link. And I am trying to figure this out as I am bringing other clients to Glide but I have to have my app configured correctly.

I’m all green… and Google said its connected. This particular issue is truly above my understanding LOL

Do you have an SSL certificate?

It works…

So my last question… there is no way to remove “glide app” from the custom domain?

I finally got it working…

I didn’t realize the web address would actually be: _____

I thought that with the custom domain, I could remove glideapp altogether?

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Jeff, Google said that I have the backend set up for it to began forwarding the to the domain I have. I will recheck in 48 hours and follow up here. Thanks again to EVERYONE who assisted this Tech Girl making her way through :slight_smile: