Issue with custom domain

My app’s URL:

I put this app on the following custom domain a while ago (4 months I’d say) :

It has been working fine most of the time, but right now, a problem that happened once is happening again :

I read in the documentation that cloudflare and glide may have issues working together at the configuration stage, but that we could put Cloudflare back on after configuration. Thing is, the configuration went well, but this is the second time that all of a sudden there is no access to the app via the custom domain (the original url is working though).

Does anyone know what’s happening and how to prevent that in the future? This is kind of the worst time for me as I have beta testers on the app :frowning: .

Thanks in advance!

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Just replying to my own topic, hoping it’ll get some attention. It is a bug in a pro feature, with beta testers having received a malfunctioning link as a result.

Would be very glad to hear from the team on this one.

Thanks!! needs to be pointed as a CNAME to

Hi Jason,

It is already the case. The whole configuration has worked for at least a couple of months, and I didn’t change anything.

Here you can see it in Cloudflare:

Also, if I change the key to a fake one, I get a 525 error, proving Cloudflare and everything else works, but not the servicing of the webpage by Glide.

Could you investigate this point further in light of these elements?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m having the same exact problem with
525 error…using cloudflare… it just started doing this day before yesterday and can’t figure out how to solve it.