Status Update to Bulk Rows

My client would like to have a functionality to change the status of multiple rows at a time. Is that possible? may be using some workaround?

3 ways to do this:

  • Option 1: If its a small fixed number of rows, you can update them with a series of Set Column Values via Single Relations
  • Option 2: Send a webhook with a list of RowIDs, and update via the API
  • Option 3: Fake the update using @Jeff_Hager’s reset parentID approach

Thank you for reverting, as always. By any chance, do you have any tutorial/post which help me understand how to do that using first method?

Basically, I am displaying a collection of the products on detailed screen. Client would like to select some products from that list and want to change the status of all those selected products.

How many items are in the Collection?
If it’s more than a handful, then the first option could become very complicated to setup.

Personally, I would use either the 2nd or 3rd option.

I am guessing it should not be more than 10 at a time. If you feel that’s not considered as “small”, I am fine to use third option. Using API is still beyong my knowledge, though I am still learning it.

However, it would be good to learn the first option as well for knowledge.

With respect to third approach, I am not sure how to start and how to set up. If you know any tutorial on this, that would be helpful

Have you downloaded and studied Jeff’s App?

Every use case for this method is slightly different, but once you understand the concept it’s usually easy enough to adapt it for your specific situation.

Yes I downloaded and tried to understand what he has done. I don’t think I fully understand the concept. I am also not sure if I would be able to use this method to work in my use case.

I think API is the cleanest way to do it. If you’re willing to go that way we’ll try to help, and with some more info on the exact situation you’re trying to do.

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We have still not subscribed to Paid Plan of Glide. Obviously, we will be moving to paid plan soon. Once that is done, I guess then only API will be accessible. I will let you know once we have the access.

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