Target Multiple Rows


Is there a way to select multiple rows in a table?

We have a list of Invoices and I want to be able to check multiple items and then click a button which will update a Paid column to “Paid”. There could be hundreds in one go, so too slow to click 100x. Can I create an action which will set the column value for multiple (selected) items? I don’t seem to even manually be able to highlight multiple rows or select all?

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You can “select” multiple rows in a table with a multiple relation, but unfortunately it’s not possible to use that to change values via that relation.

The only real way to do what you are asking is to use the Glide API. What you’d need to do is get a joined list of RowIDs, send those via a webhook to an automation tool such as Make, and then use that to update the rows using the API.

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Thanks for the reply Darren. Ah that really kills our use case for it unfortunately. What a pain, I’ve been trialing various tools and Glide seems to have been the best so far, but not being able to manipulate multiple rows at once is a deal breaker :frowning:

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There is a technique that uses a bit of smoke and mirrors to give the illusion of changing values in multiple rows - without actually changing them.

I don’t know if that would make sense for your use case, but perhaps have a read of the following:

The example that Jeff showcases is used to “reset” values in multiple rows, but the same technique can be adapted to “change” values.