Update multi rows in a single click

I have a stock adjustment data to be approved like in attached pict.
In case of approval. Approver will click the check box on the right side. Is it possible to create new multi rows from these checked data?

I have tried to update such rows but problems occur when I have a new stock counting for those record again. Hence, I need to add new rows instead.

this task is complicated and you need advanced knowledge in glide to accomplish it.
There are multiple threads in this forum to do it…
Always the best solution, no matter what anyone else says… is google scripts…


So far, there is no way to do that, a Set Column action by using a multiple relation would give you the solution but we still don’t have this feature in Glide.

As Uzo wrote, the plan B is to use a Google Sheet script.


It may not be ideal since you have a lot of information to show in a Grid style view, but if you can fit it in a Table style view, then you could add actions to each row that could be modified to add a row whenever that action is selected.

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Yeah…IMO it’s time for Glide to prioritize set column / delete row over multiple relation:


I think so. So many activities comprise many transaction and it needs to complete just a single click.
Thank you for understanding.