Stacked Inline List designation

I have several stacked inline lists that show scores depending on the division played.! As you can see in the image, each has to be opened to verify the various divisions. Is there a way to designate what inline lists may pertain? (For my purposes I want to have them listed in the correct order)


All you have to do is change the label for each list.


Click on the list to open the attributes. Right there under the LAYOUT/FEATURES buttons is a field you have control over. Set each of them to whatever you need.

As far as order - you can drag & drop them in whatever order you wish.

My labels are all different. All I see in the component lists is “inline list” and the column it relates (per the image I attached). And yes, I drag them in the order needed, but I have to open them first to verify the division

I’m sorry - I misunderstood. You’re talking about labels in the development environment. To my knowledge, there is no way to label them individually. If you select one, it is indicated by a moving dot on the right hand side of the simulated device screen, but that’s about it.

Yes, that is kinda why I posted in the feature request. I saw no way either. May not come into play for most but in my instance, some sort of designation would be helpful.