Renaming label for multiple inline list items

Good day everyone,

I am struggling with an issue and hope to get help. Is it possible to change the inline list label of “items” when you are showing multiple items in an inline list. Please see the image below!


When only 1 item is displayed, the list shows the information of the list but more than 1 items, the label states “items”.
I have a list of people that I would like to display and it sounds rather impolite to refer to people as “items”. I hope the image I uploaded is clear to see. Thanks

Do you want a list like an Inline List, or do you prefer the functionality of the List Relation where the user needs to click to expand the complete list?

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I would prefer a list like showing of the items rather than having everything collapsed under the term “Items”. I only have 4 items to list or if that can’t be done then at least change the wording “items” to something more generic that can also be used for human beings…

If you would prefer an actual list, then would using an inline list component instead of a list relation component work for you?

Let me try that and get back. Thanks

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It worked thanks. Much appreciated.

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Anyway. I agree “items” should be customizable.