Filtering Inline List - Label Sticks

I have an inline list with a filter applied in its FEATURES tab (Only showing items where {field} = {criterion}). If there is no content that includes that criterion, you get an empty Inline List… makes sense. However, the label of the inline list is still visible. So you have an empty inline list and a label that likely makes little sense to the person reading it (e.g. “Browse through this list of content”… what content?).

Shouldn’t the label disappear if there is no content on the list? Is this a bug or a Feature Request? Not sure.

Is your inline list based off of a relation, or just pointing to a sheet?

A relation.

I’m just trying to think of a way to control it with the visibility feature. In the parent sheet of your inline list, you could create a template column with the relation value and the {criterion} you are expecting concatenated together. In the list sheet, also create a template with the relation value and the {field} value concatenated together. In the parent sheet, create a second (not multiple) relation to the list sheet using both template columns. Then create a lookup column to pull the criterion field you are using for your filter. I think you should be able to then create a visibility condition on the inline list against the lookup column to check if it’s not empty.

You could also use the template relation for your original relation to avoid using the filter feature.

A bit overkill, but I think it might work. Some sort of visibility based on list count or the ability to control how a list displays when it’s empty would be nice though.

If the list is empty, the label shouldn’t show up. Could you share your app and point me to where exactly the inline list is?

@Mark It does seem that the label of an Inline List disappears if it is pulling from a Relation and its relational criteria cause it to go empty. However this does not seem to be the case if its filter criteria cause it to go empty.

I have an Inline List pointing to a Relation between a signed in User and any instances of the user’s email address found in the column of another sheet… if that user’s email address doesn’t appear in that column, then no relational data is pulled and the Inline List is empty and invisible, Label and all.

However, that same Inline List also has a filter (in the FEATURE tab) that further refines what relational data the signed in user will see. And if the User’s email address does appear in that Relational column but that Filter criteria is not met, the list also goes blank but the Label stays.

Let me see if I can whip up a quick dummy app to duplicate what I’m seeing and show you. I’m keeping the current app I’m building closed for now.

I’m using an Inline List on a Relation, and adding a filter that excludes all rows still makes the label disappear.

I’d really appreciate seeing it in the flesh. Thanks!

Hey @Mark, sorry for the delay. Here you go:

Just click on the right-most bottom tab. You’ll see a label “that won’t go away”. It’s an Inline List swiping horizontally. And if I’d have to guess, it’s the horizontal swiping that’s the culprit. If I switch this same Inline List to vertical scrolling, the label does indeed go away. The page I’m building has several lists, so I need them side swiping rather than vertical scrolling, so hopefully you guys can squash this bug.

Nevertheless, I hope this at least helps.

Thank you, we’ll fix it soon!