How to change the order of cards? - Solved!

I am building an App, and then I realize that I need to change the order of the cards. But I must edit them completely if I want to move them. Is there anyway I can just change the order without having to edit anything?

For example, in this tab below, what should I do if I want to move the first ebook card to the third place? Because each cards was edited individually, I really dont want to delete them all and create again.

Is there any solution for this? Thank you!

  • Add a number column to the table the Inline List is pointed at
  • Enter a number in each row of that column that corresponds to the order that you want the cards in
  • Then order the inline list by that column

it’s not about the inline list, I tried this but it does not work. This order is of the tab. Do you have any other ideas or explanation for this?

Your first screen shot shows an inline list component using a tiles layout, yes?
Assuming that’s correct, then what I described will work. You just need to order (sort) the Inline List by the the Title column that’s shown in your second screen shot.

Please show me the configuration settings of your Inline list component - in particular the “Sort” setting.


oh I got it, all I need is to select the option button, then I use in-app short. And this will work. Thanks a lot, you really did a favor for me.

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Good job :+1:

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