How to sort (yeah, I know, feels like stupid question)

I have a table with sizes. So only one column with sizes.
I make an online list with those sizes.
When I use the Add button a size gets added below.
But when I want to sort it gives me only the option to sort by Sheet Order. I want to sort by number starting with low. So the new entry gets in the right place.
And when I choose edit to change that entry I don’t get an edit field?
Delete works as expected.
Hope you can help with those 2 issues.

Sorting an inline list won’t affect how/where rows get added…they’ll always be added to the end of the table. The inline list can still be sorted appropriately, so to the end user, your sizes are in order, but the table won’t be.

Yeah, I know, I am not trying to sort the list in the table, but in the Pages app.
And I don’t get other options than this:
CleanShot 2023-02-09 at 14.19.00@2x

I don’t think it would be a bad thing to be able to sort tables per column though :wink:

When you select the collection, then on the right-hand side to to options and click on Sort Data, don’t you see Sheet order, Randomly, and the columns of your data source? Could you show us a screenshot?

How do you plan on writing the order? With a picker?

Are you talking about an edit action? When you click on an edit action, you should get an edit form. Within the edit form you can include form elements with along you to enter or pick data.

From your screenshot, it seems you can sort 3 ways: according to the sheet order and randomly (these two are always there by default), and along the only column you have in the table called “J1 - Viking Combinoren”. This column is a basic text column, so you will be able to sort alphabetically or anti-alphabetically.

If you want to add a sorting order, you can add a basic text or basic number column, enter sort numbers in that column (1, 2, 3 … for instance), and then use that column in the layout editor to sort the collection.

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Ah, I assumed this was just to show where I was in the sheet! Stupid. I will now have a look at the edit thing.

This is what I see after choosing ‘edit’

Ah i need to add them myself? Never seen that before :wink:

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In the layout editor, when you click on the edit action, you will be brought to an edit form. There, add edit/form components.

Never seen this before :wink:
Maybe the power of Pages!
But now I know, thanks!

The first time you click on the edit action, the edit form/screen opens, and by default Glide adds for you as many components as you have basic columns. Glide also tries to guess what components you might need, so if one column is a basic DateTime it will associate with that column a DateTime picker, if one column is a basic text it will associate with that column a text entry component.

Bad guess :wink: It was now totally empty, should have been at least the one column in use.