Spreadsheet Editor

Is there a way of edit a spreadsheet data via app ?
If Yes.Is this count as Sheet edits ?

I have a List of data that i want to edit daily !!

Components like text entry, number entry, choice etc. that interacts directly with data do trigger sheet edits, as far as I aware.

Thanks for the reply ThinhDinh.
But if I you those components… would they count as editing the sheet?
Or not really?

Everytime I edit manually they count…

If not… How could I interact with specif rows in my data base?

As long as you initiate an interaction between Glide and your sheet, it counts as an edit. Glide must take the latest data from your sheet to be able to display it on the app. How would you expect that to work any other way?


Quoting Mark:
Jul '20 - “Sheet Edits” does not limit data being written to the spreadsheet by Glide, it only limits data being read from the spreadsheet back into Glide. We discussed calling it “Sheet Reloads”, but we thought “Sheet Edits” was more understandable.

I am feeding the spreadsheet from a choice component. Since the component data resides in the spreadsheet the edits count is in play.

Is there a way to put the choice data in the data editor to avoid an interaction with the spreadsheet?

You can host the data in a glide table rather than a sheet that relates/links back to a google sheet.


Either the way @Mishta_P suggested above, or you can write the choice component to a user specific column.

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Works fine, thank you!

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