Data entered via app not updating in my SpreadSheet

Hi Everybody,

I’ve looked up various post but no clear answers on this issue apart from checking if the data appears in the last row. In my case it doesn’t.

Here’s what (doesn’t) happens:
1 - I edit a component of a tab via “allow user to edit” option
2 - Change the data
3 - Submit
4 - The data is changed in the builder but not in the SpreadSheet. If i log out and come back in the app, the changes have disappeared and back as if nothing was added/changed.

If I change something in the Spreadsheet the change appear in the builder → not the other way round. What I’m not seeing?

The spreadsheet is in the shared drive of the company I work for with the option of anybody from the organisation allowed to edit this spreadsheet. My app is pro with limited access to emails in sheet (my users).

Thanks in advance,


This is just a guess but the columns that are giving you issues in the Glide editor, are the headers highlighted in blue? If they are blue then these are user specific columns and they only live in the Glide editor.

If you are using a native edit/ add form you’ll need to save the data to a basic column. Create some new basic columns in GSheet and point your edit form components to those new columns.

Screenshots of your configuration would be helpful.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the quick feedback.

I don’t have any user specific columns - only in the “User” tab a Row Owner column. This tab is related to other tabs via relations. But none of the data I’m adding/editing is going to that “User” tab.