Spending my time in the Glide Library

When you’re not a pro (I am not for sure :wink: ) it can be good to spend some time in the Glide Library now and then. Because there are functionalities you only need in certain cases and in certain phases and I only seem to absorb information when it’s relevant to me. When you start, other things are relevant than when you begin to build more complex things. So my tip: keep on visiting the Glide Libary and you’ll see you keep on discovering new things!



@erwblo great tip :+1:

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Very good advice.

When I started out with Glide (which wasn’t very long ago), I binged for about a week on instructional videos. Whilst that gave me a good insight into some of the capabilities of Glide, most of the finer points and techniques were lost on me as I hadn’t yet gained a decent handle on the basics.

Now that I’ve learned (a little bit) more, I find that whenever I go back and re-watch some of those video tutorials - pennies start dropping from heaven :rofl:


Yeah, same for me!

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