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Has glide ever put together for their community “classes” that members can work with in order to go deeper into topics like relations and columns, I get it from watching videos but sometimes it can get confusing and I get lost. Just curious. Thanks! The community is awesome!

Hey @dmcrabby !
Thanks for sharing your question with us.

While I’m not aware of anything like “classes”, I think that one of the most reliable and informative source that is made available to us is the famous : 👋 Welcome - Glide Library

I’m sure you use it already !
Let us know if you have more suggestions !

I agree :slight_smile: !

I’d encourage you to go back and re-watch some of the tutorial videos, especially @Robert_Petitto’s.
When I first started out with Glide, I immersed myself in these videos, but most of the techniques went straight over my head - because I was still learning the basics.

Then as I started to learn and become more familiar with Glide, I’d find myself re-watching some of Bob’s video’s and having all these “a-ha!” moments, as the pennies started dropping.

Another piece of advice would be not to skip a video tutorial because you don’t think the topic would be useful or applicable to you. Watch them all. Multiple times. A good example is gamification. I have zero interest in gamifying my Glide apps, but I’ve watched all of Bob’s videos on this topic, because there are so many useful techniques to be learned that can be applied in other areas.