Online Glide Tuition Required


I’d like to quickly learn how to use Glide and I learn best from face to face interactions rather than out of date videos which I can’t interact with. If you know Glide well and can clearly communicate how it works and charge a reasonable price then please get in touch.

Hi @Ray_Lawrence

You will find a lot of wonderful information in Glide Learn. The Glide platform is improved all the time, so it is impossible for videos to always show the very latest version of Glide. The concepts explained are up-to-date, however it is possible that some elements of the user interface changed slightly.

@Darren_Alderman has in the past organized online meetups to help explain concepts to those interested. You might want to send him a direct message and he might organize another one of his meetups, either just for you or for others as well.


Thanks nathanaelb

Much appreciated!

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Yes, there is an online manual page. But every time I go to it, I lose all desire to look for something. After several search attempts, you have to look elsewhere. Perhaps the structure of the online manual could be better for perception.
At the same time, when I follow the links that the forum experts tell me, I see really useful and very easy-to-understand materials in the same manual, they are really great! Thanks to the authors!

How do you think it could be improved? (this is a genuine question, and I’m sure both @PabloMFalero and @JackVaughan would be interested to hear your feedback/suggestions)

That’s probably because those of us that are quite familiar with it usually know what to look for :wink:


At the moment I have no idea how to improve it. But if they appear, I will definitely write!

We are on constant work to improve all docs, but as mentioned, Glide moves on so fast that sometimes all docs may not be with the latest information, but we work every day to update them. And as Darren said, we are very open to hearing your thoughts on how to improve the docs.


This is a good thread and not sure why so thin on contribution.

@JackVaughan and @PabloMFalero thank you for everything you are doing to make Glide easy to understand and follow.

Here is what would like to see:

  1. Glossary of terms (properly defined and described) . They often solve 70% of the problem. The current one is crying out for help (sorry for my toxic Australian English):wink:

  2. You don’t have to roll out a new feature until documentation on it has been published. Just to give an example, unannounced isFavorite changes had a lot of us questioning our sanity.

  3. More video tutorials from @JackVaughan. Would love to see @Robert_Petitto and @Darren_Alderman videos in the library.

Thank you


oh wow, I never realised that you were an Aussie!
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No I’m not but I love Australians and their English !


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