Sort by using radio button

Not sue if there is a work around…
I can do this manually in the GS BUT…
I want to be able select an image in a group to be used as the lead photo.
So far all I have managed to do is to put a check mark against the image but there is no way to only have one check box against the group - a radio button would be ideal.

BUT even if I find away to only have one image in the group, I cant figure out how to reorder the images so that the selected image moves to the top of the group.


If I understand correctly, all you need is a filter:

  • where Reg number is “xxx” and Favourite is true

You may want to create a template in each sheet. One in the vehicle sheet that joins the registration number and the word ‘true’. And another template in the images sheet that joins the registration number and the favorite value. Create a relation in the vehicle sheet that links those two templates and create a single value column that uses that new relation instead. The relation will find the first favorite for that vehicle so you will get the first favorited image in your single value column.