Automatic selection of a line by dropping down another line

Hello, I have two lists in Google Sheet, one with car brands in text and one with car brand logos. I want to select the car brand in text via choice and the appropriate logo should be selected automatically, I would like to display this logo as an image, how does that work?

  • Create a User Specific Column to hold the choice of car brand
  • Add a Choice Component to a Details Screen
    – Sheet: the sheet that holds the columns with car brands and logos
    – Values: the column with the car brands
    – Data: the User Specific Column created above
  • Now add a Relation column that joins the user specific column to the column with the list of car brands. This should be a single relation
  • Create a Lookup Column that fetches the car logo via the relation column
  • Finally, add an Image Component to the Details Screen, and use the Lookup Column as the image source.

Hallo, danke für deine Antwort. ich baue eine Glide-Seiten, da finde ich die Choice-Wahl nur bei Formularen, bei der Glide-App habe ich gesehen, dass ich die Choice-Wahl auch sonst anwählen kann, übersehe ich da etwas oder unterscheidet sich der Workflow bei Glide-Seiten?

It should be the same.

It worked, thank you for the quick help.

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