Dropdown selection do not show all row

Hello to the Glide Community,

I’m facing a problem, here is a bit of context : I’m managing cars for clients. I have a sheet with all my clients (name / email / car / …). I’m using another sheet to add “vehicle checks” (10 control points to follow up if the car is clean, maintened etc…).

On my page “Vehicle check” I can add a check. In the pop-up to add a check, I have a dropdown which show all the cars (all the row) from my client sheet. Everythings working well BUT some of my clients have multiple cars. So in my client sheet I have for exemple 2 row concerning the same client with same name, same email but not the same car.

Problem is : my dropdown only show me 1 row by email. So in my dropdown I can find ONLY one car for a client which have maybe 2 or 3.

Screen exemple :

If you have any idea to show all row, even if there is similar infos in rows ?


What value is your choice writing? You display the specific vehicle, but are you writing a different value to the table? If you are actually writing a value that’s the same between both vehicles, then glide is seeing duplicates in your choice list and eliminating the duplicate because it would write the same value as the other choice.

But, I’m a little more curious on your app flow. What screen are you on when you trigger that vehicle check popup? If you are already viewing the details for a vehicle, it would not be necessary to select a vehicle again, since you would be able to have that automatically populate using a value component. But if your vehicle check popup is not triggered from the detail screen of a vehicle, then you can disregard this paragraph.


Hello Jeff,

Thanks a lot for your answer and your time.
To be more precise about my Glide app. Here is the structure of the app :

  • Dashboard
  • All vehicles (listing of all the vehicles - data : my “client sheet” with all the rows)
  • Check vehicles (listing of all the checks - data : from an other sheet “vehicle check sheet”)

What I need is to be able to list in the check vehicle page all the rows from my client sheet just to populate my “check vehicle” sheet with datas from “client” sheet. (I don’t know if it’s clear).

To answer your post :

  • I have different sheets. My need is to get informations (the list of all vehicles - data from “client sheet”) to select the good one BUT it populate the “vehicle check” sheet.

Here is some screen of the app, maybe it will be easier for you to understand :

  • Vehicle list (exemple with filter just for confidentiality) : showing all the informations from CLIENTSHEET
  • Check vehicle page : 4.png - Google Drive

BIG PRECISION : I use the “customer email” column to show the list of the cars on my check vehicle page. Here is a screen of my glide layout : 5.png - Google Drive
Problem is, I have rows with same email but not the same car, but it only show me one car. I think the problem comes from this.

I hope it’s clear :slight_smile:


(sorry I can only post 2 link by post as new member of the forum)

Here is the problem as I suspected. Your choice component is displaying the vehicle information, but it’s only writing the client’s email address. Because the email is the same for both vehicles, Glide see’s it as a duplicate, and in normal cases, there should not be any reason to show duplicate values in a choice component. As a result, Glide only shows one of the choices.

So, my question is this. If you are only writing the email address to the Check Vehicles table, then how do you know which vehicle was chosen? Shouldn’t you be writing something like a vehicle Row ID instead?


Hello Jeff,

Thank you very much, that was it and it’s a better way to do it. Everythings working well now with the vehicle ID.

Thanks !!