Multiple choice selection - copy/split rows help

Hello everyone,

I am building a smart container tracking app. We use it to collect and drop containers with IDs at various venues around the city.

I have set up a form to drop containers with a choice selection for the container ID and an image picker to take a photo of the dropped containers for service delivery validation. The form autofills quite a bit of data (staff name, timestamp, status etc.) We then continue filling in this data row when we collect it (could be 1-7 days later) and then again when we process that container (on the same day it is collected).

To make this process quicker and easier I would like to employ the ‘allow selecting multiple’ so our staff can drop multiple containers at once.

The problem however is that when selecting multiple container IDs it inputs all Container IDs into one cell. Ideally it would instead split the same data (Staff name, timestamp, status, image etc.) across multiple rows so that each container ID has a unique row (so that we can collect and process each row individually)

Perhaps this is more of a google sheets question but thought I’d ask the wonderful glide community if anyone has ever found this to be a problem when selecting multiple and if they have a workaround.

Many thanks in advance.

You can use a list component with a custom action instead of a choice component… dealing with the multiple-choice components is possible but complicated

Hi Uzo,

Thanks, could you give a bit more detail as to how that might work with a list component?

Also, I don’t mind if it’s complicated as it will provide a lot of value to our app for usability once it is set up.



Are you using Apps or Pages?

I’m using a glide page

Ok… that is taking out the option to adjust the list to look like a choice component…
So what is the process that you want?
Someone is collecting or dropping off multiple containers… then selecting what kind of containers… using a choice component, and you want them to be able to adjust each container’s data? So they have to be in a separate row… and some of the data is the same for all containers…

Then as I see, it will be stored in Google Sheets.

someone will drop say 3 containers at a venue select all 3 from a drop down list and upload a photo with it.

Then ideally instead of creating one row with all 3 container ids in one cell it will create 3 rows with all the same data except for the ContainerIDs which will be different. Does that make sense?

If you are using google sheets, then you can add a triggered script that will split that record into 3 rows… in Glide, you would have to click 3 times to create new rows (for each row, one click)… Or you can keep the record in one row, and create a simple algorithm to split that record into rows when someone is looking at it.
If you will use a list instead of a choice component… then you can create a new row when someone is selecting a container.