How to: Select an Image as a Choice using inline lists in forms

Here’s a quick tutorial to show how you can select from a list of images and pass that image through to a form submission. After I made it, I thought it looked cool and worked really well, so I’m sharing it in case it helps someone else!

How you need to set up your data to do this:

  • Set up a User Profile Table with a column to store the user’s selected image
  • Set up your column of images in a separate table
  • Link the Images Table to the User Profile Table ---- add a Template Column to get the Active User’s identity and create a relation to the User Profile Table
  • Add a Lookup column in the Images Table to pull in the User’s selected image
  • Add an IF/THEN column to check if the User’s selected image is the Image of that row… if it is, add the checkmark emoji, else do nothing

Here’s a video to explain the rest!


Thanks for sharing!

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