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Hello Glide, community.
I think the Display as image is not working on my app. In preferencias/Muebles
It does not show the image of the furniture at selecting.

My app’s URL:

Do you have image links setup in the app? If the image links are on a different tab did you create a relation to them? If these things have been done have you directed the image selector to the right column?

Last i checked, you can’t display images in a choice component. Did I miss something?

No your right, there is not a image allowed there. I didn’t look at the muebles. I thought he was refering to the home page that had no images.

Rats… was hoping I missed an announcement of showing images in choice :joy:


Sorry, my bad…

Guys, thanks very much for responding so quickly.
Just to clarify, I added a photo about this. So there is no way you can pick choices from a images list?

Thanks very much!

How do you do if you want a users to pick images?

Depends on the use case, but the only way I know of (at the moment) would be to put a form button on the details view of an inline list of those images (or set the Action value of the inline list to “show form”—which actually might be a slicker solution) and then writing the Column value of the image to the destination sheet.

Thanks @Robert_Petitto.
Do you have an example of that? Any GIFs or documentation about it?
Thanks very much for your help!

There are several examples in One that may be similar to what @Robert_Petitto is talking about is the Photo Choice example. It’s a rough example, but I think it get’s the point across.

Thank you very much @Jeff_Hager I ll have a look now.

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