Image choice component

Is it possible to select a picture column as a source for a choice component and actually view the images not links in the drop-down menu of the choices?

Unfortunately not. If you want to go to the effort, you can add an image column to your source sheet for the “choice” options and then use an inline list with a custom action (or a link to screen to display it separately). Quite a lot of work so depends on use case.

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Many thanks

@Keith_Chikumbirike is possible, but don’t use a choice component, use inline list, tiles view best way to make it…


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Ok Great, going through! What an app! Thank you so much

Wow, how did you extract the URL for that page?

What do you mean?

Your URL that opens a specific section of the page. Most Glide apps open from the short, main URL but you were able to extract that specific page.

That’s part of Deep Links, which you can access through special values or by simply copying the url in a browser.


There is not… but you can vote it here! Please vote…