Request: New Choice Type Interface

Currently, there are two choice interface types:

  • List
  • Segmented

It would be nice to have a selection option that works like an inline list equipped with visuals. Once the item is selected, it would be highlighted and the selected value would insert into your spreadsheet.

Bonus: The ability to have MULTIPLE selections.

Something like this:


This would have been perfect for an app I’m currently developing


On my list of wishes too! I had actually not checked if we can use choice for images but now I know!

I could see so many use cases for this:

  • food menu selection
  • t shirt design
  • add ons
  • color selection

Could setup really cool visibility options based on selections too.

Too many use cases to list but this would be so incredibly useful.

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Could even be used for this feature request post as well:

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+1. Currently the only use-case for this is a user-specific favorite I think.

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