Request: New Choice Type Interface

Currently, there are two choice interface types:

  • List
  • Segmented

It would be nice to have a selection option that works like an inline list equipped with visuals. Once the item is selected, it would be highlighted and the selected value would insert into your spreadsheet.

Bonus: The ability to have MULTIPLE selections.

Something like this:


This would have been perfect for an app I’m currently developing


On my list of wishes too! I had actually not checked if we can use choice for images but now I know!

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I could see so many use cases for this:

  • food menu selection
  • t shirt design
  • add ons
  • color selection

Could setup really cool visibility options based on selections too.

Too many use cases to list but this would be so incredibly useful.


Could even be used for this feature request post as well:




+1. Currently the only use-case for this is a user-specific favorite I think.


Bumping this. Glide has made some trully fantastic updates but this one is a long requested one we’re still waiting for. We can have workarounds when doing choice on pages but on forms it’s still pretty much impossible.


Please vote. This would be a great component and could be used in many ways.

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Yes, I agree.

I guess this could be an additional design option for the choice component.

Also agree with the multiple choice. Would be great if next to “required” there would also be an option such as “multiple choice”

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Yes Please!!!

I am just working out how to build it for a new app. My use case: I have a database of questions (such as ‘do you grind your teeth?’ Or ‘what type of hair pattern do you have?”) and I have different question types. I then make Tests which include questions, and the tests then get taken and we get a user response.

The user response shows the current question by putting values into usc columns, and then I have visibility conditions to determine what component to show. A Boolean gives a choice component. A multi value choice writes to the same result column, but presents the choice as multi value, etc.

Now I want a question type which is a photo selection. Not impossible it turns out… just mildly tricky :wink:

Ya…just need to build it yourself and save the rowID of the choice somewhere in the User profile sheet for later.