Inline list as a replacement for Choice component - Single and Multi selections

Hi Gliders,

Those of you who saw my post from last week on my new platform for digital business card ( might have seen me using there a new method of selection instead of the choice component.
As I got some questions on this I thought is would be benificial to show how I did it so I created a demo app and a tutorial video to show the process.

Demo app:
The app is available for copy I only ask that you use your own cloudinary account instead of mine. (if you just look at the app as is and not replacing any of the colors images you can keep on using my images as is).
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Hope this helps and give ideas.



Thanks a lot @yinon_raviv.

A question with which I am stucked for weeks:
This methods requires to add many columns for 1 multi-select. When we have 1 multi-select, it is ok. But when we need dozens of multi-selects, this is hardly manageable ((as in my use case which consists in + a hundred questions with many many multiselect)
→ Do you have an idea of how to deal with this ?

Thanks in advance


It requires 3-4 columns per choice and I don’t think there’s a way to decrease this.
Bear in mind that not all questions require this method but only questions that an image serve it, in other cases a regular choice component would be sufficient

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I’m interested about this because I may have missed something.

In my use case, I don’t mind about images but I do feel (maybe wrong) that I still need a multiselect since the questions are like:

  • which countries are in scope? (multi choices are possible)
  • which industries are in scope? (multi choices are possible)
  • which customers age ranges are in scope? (multi choices are possible)
  • etc for dozens of questions.


[Edit] I have tried an alternative method, but I am still challenging it!

You can have another way to have multi selesct by preparing few columns in advance for the user to choose. Each column connects to a different choice component, 5his is limited as you need to know in advance how many choices a user can do while in the method I show the user can choose as many options as available on your list.

I’m not familiar with the method you mention so can’t respond to that

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