Choice component: basic multiple select

Hi, there are several threads on the “multi select” topics, with very powerfull approach (but sometimes tricky to implement).
I did not find the following workaround (sorry if it was already proposed) which is relatively quick & easy, but includes limitations

Foreword: applies to

  • Pre-Defined list of items to choose (ex. list of “5” colors, but not list of “users” since it grows all the time)
  • This list should be quite short (since each item will have a User Specific column + a dedicated choice component)
  • Not applicable in a form
  • Only tested to display inline list with multi-selections



  • Table “choice items”: list of items (ex. colors)
  • Table “elements”: (a) elements & items, (b) one col. per user specific choice item (c) “template” col. of user specifics, (d) single value" of “template” col.


  • 1 choice component per possible choice item, with visibility conditions
  • Double button: (a) left: displays the choices made, (b) reset all choices made via a coumpound action
  • Inline list: “element’ item” is included in “template” col.