Request: Allow Multiple Items to be added to a shopping cart in one operation

I’d like to be able to select multiple items [using a check-box for example] and then have a, “Add [All] to Cart” button. Right now the user has to go into the detail page of each item and add them individually to the shopping cart. It would be useful to allow a multi-add scenerio.

I made my own shopping cart using that idea, I understand your point of view perfectly.

Sometimes the traditional process can be too long if the product list has too many items.

My demo version is this but it is in Spanish, sorry (but I think you can understand some similar words) :upside_down_face:



Nice job!

Could you explain how did you integrate PayPal paying?


It’s just a demo for a customer and I still haven’t integrated PayPal on APP but meanwhile I think @Santiago_Perez1 or @Wiz.Wazeer can give you a fast answer

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I love what you have done with increment button here. :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Hay @darder

I use this link:“USER”/“$” in a template. Then use a button to open link.

Change USER for the user’s PayPal name and $ for the amount to be paid. Also, remove the “”.

Let me know if this makes sense.


Great app!!!

Parabéns! Muito bom o fluxo que você criou!!!

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Thanks Santiago. I’ll take a look!


@darder @Santiago_Perez1 we can also carry out PayPal payments via GS sheet too it seems. I have added a demo. Not very different from Google Sheet, but obviously you would need to either type in the info or copy/pate as guided. Check out the example here:


Thanks man! This is really helpful.

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