Image as form option choice

Hi There,

Has anyone has any luck incorporating an image as a form choice? I understand in the form choice option we can use icons and such but I have a client who would like to use an image icon as a selector for a choice element on a form? I have tried setting the form option text as an image url but it only displays this a the image url.

Any tips would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Images themselves can’t be choice selectors, but the URLs can be (which doesn’t help much, I know). You can use emojis…

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Thought as much! Thats a shame! Thanks for the reply!

Also, I have not done this but I ‘think’ you could ask the user to choose from a list and then use some “if/then” to show an image.

Like, choose from: Cat or Dog or Fish then,

If they choose CAT, then display a “preapproved” CAT image.

Just thinking off the top of my head.

Yeh I think it was more to make the GUI of the form a bit more appealing :slight_smile: but I am working around some solutions now :slight_smile:

What would be really neat is to mimic the new compact list component where a “details” could be provided inline with the choice “title”.

Like this!!!