Add Image with Text to the Choice component

I will like to know if you could add the possibility to add an image in the choice.
That would be really useful since sometimes choice list are long and need details.

Edit for clarity: An image at the end of the text.


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It’s always a good idea to do a search before you post.
Take a look at this:

I want text and image not only an image. :wink:

I see. Well your request wasn’t quite clear. I’ll edit your request to reflect this.

hi Mbaril 010,
did you solve your problem as adding an image at the end of the text?
i would like to know the solution. thank you!

I requested this in the past as well. Just a place a small icon in front of the list of items like a compact in-line list would make all the difference.

any idea to make it happen?

Only way to do this at the moment is not via a choice component. You’d have to use an in-line list with user specific columns and a customize multi step action. I don’t think I ever created a tutorial video on this.