Choice with pictures

Hey all :slight_smile:

Is there a way to add a small picture with the text in a choice?
I would like to make my user choice a color but would like to show him the color at the same time.


Use emoji!

I need to show specific picture. Im giving the choice to the customer to pick his color and need to show the color.
Is there a way to create emoji :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, upgrading the Choice Component to include an image from the same row would be incredible. I’m sure it will come eventually. Seems obvious. Like when you tag people on Instagram, typing their name includes their username and a little icon of their profile picture to the left of it. The Glide Choice Component could benefit from that for sure.


Emoji is just text and you treat it like text. Usually you can copy and paste it. I like to use There are different colors you can select from under symbols

Thanks Jeff but that doesn’t work. Im looking to show custom color for fabric. I need to use my own picture. Will try to find a solution

Ah, ok. My best suggestion would be to show a list of images that show each color/fabric. Then have the user select that color to show it’s details. Within the details you can add a form button and you can pass that color as a Column Value along with the form submission.

Thanks, the idea could work but the color is asked in a form already. Will try to look at the details form button idea.

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