Use emojis (images) in Choice component

good afternoon

how do I pull the item and icon by clicking on the choice component this is possible if I’m not mistaken I saw in a video but I didn’t get it right

You can only use emoji’s as far as I know. You would place the emoji in the cell along with the text for the choice. Regular images are not possible at this time.

E como eu colocaria esse emoticon no caso emoticon e em qual formato

Copy and Paste? You can find some here. Once you find one, it gives you an option to copy. Then you can paste it in the sheet. Haven’t done it myself, but I tried copying from this link and it worked.

Copiar e colar? Você pode encontrar alguns aqui. Depois de encontrar um, ele oferece a opção de copiar. Então você pode colá-lo na planilha. Ainda não fiz isso, mas tentei copiar desse link e funcionou.