Someone added a linked table to my app?

When I accessed my app today, I noticed 2 linked tables in the data editor. I did not add these linked tables?

Does someone know how this happened? Are others somehow able to modify my app??? This is a free app at this point. But I may purchase the pro app soon.

Do you have any screenshots showing what you mean? Are these sheets in a google sheet or glide tables? Does anybody else have access to your account? Is this app part of a team with other users?

Hi Jeff, thanks for the reply!
I deleted the extra linked tabs, so i have no screen shots.
Only my wife has access, to my glide account.

one of the tabs was called blushing-bride. That probably doesn’t help though.

The google sheet wasn’t modified in any way, it was only in the glide data tab, that i could see there were some new linked sheets.

I wanted to verify that no other people can see or modify a free app. If there is no way, i’m guessing i should be changing my glide password asap.

No, nobody should have access to modify your app unless you shared your credentials or have your app in a team with other team members. Are you sure that you didn’t accidentally add any new glide tables yourself? The naming structure suggests it was a new glide table. Was there any data in those tables, or just for 4 column headings that are standard with new glide tables?

This is what I get when I add a new glide table.




Hi Jeff,
That is the same column structure that i saw. There was no data in any of the fields.
Looks like the most likely scenario, is that i accidently created the linked table tabs, myself.

I guess panicked a little! haha. Thanks for the help, its very much appreciated!!

Have a great rest of your Sunday.