Some GSheets occasionally missing from GDE

Almost every day now, after working for hours in the same app, my list of GSheets suddenly has missing Sheets in the GDE. I have to exit and re-enter the app builder to refresh and get the full list of Sheets back.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Not for me. Do you have any special in those specific sheets? Like unstable headers?

What do you mean by unstable headers?

it is happening very often, usually refreshing page is solving this issue

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Unstable headers would mean headers that are populated as part of formula instead of being static headers. Sometimes, when a sheet that’s populated by a formula, the entire sheet can go blank for a second while the formula recalculates. Sometimes glide will sync while it’s empty and cause issues.

Yeah, it happens to me ALL the time…

…and then I realise that I forgot to clear the column filter


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hahahahha… that happens too… lol, glide should have a red color grid, when the search window is not empty

Got it, thanks for the explanation. I’m not creating unstable headers like this.


I had no idea the column filter also applied across the Sheets and Tables :open_mouth:
But, this is also not the issue for me, as far as I can tell.

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