Google Sheets: Column headers not loading

Hello Gliders,

I’m using Google Sheets as my data source.

  • The Glide doesn’t show column headers but labels them column1/2/3.
  • The row data is displayed OK, only the headers are missing.
  • The Google Sheet shows all column headers OK.
  • A reload doesn’t fix the issues.
  • I checked that there are no empty column headers already.

What could be causing this?

  • Are the column headers static, or dynamic? (ie. generated from formulas?)
  • Are the column headers the very first row in each sheet?

Thanks Darren

  1. All are dynamic formula columns (array, importrange). This worked fine so far and is still working on other sheets with similar formula.
  2. Yes, all column header are in the first row of the sheet and there are no empty ones.

Edit: Removed some newly added columns and added a Row ID, now the row content has vanished, too. :frowning:

My guess would be that this is the source of the problem, and most likely the importrange. If the source temporarily “disappears” - for whatever reason - and Glide happens to sync at that time, then you’ll wind up with what you’re seeing.

When using importrange, the safest thing is to use static column headers, and then start the importrange at row 2.


Will try to do so and report in.