Data not visible in glide, even after being present in google sheet

Hi, Data is present in google Sheets but its showing in glide, even after syncing thrice

. Other sheets are visible but not this one.

By chance is it at the bottom of the Glide table if you scroll down? Are you using any formulas in your ‘Bookings’ sheet like import range or array formula?

Its not even in the bottom. We do have formula. But this apps is been in used since a week no issues were there. We have another csutomer app using the same sheet and its working flowlessly

Well if that formula is an importrange make sure to start it on row 2. If importrange is in the header row there are some edge cases where data will not display.

My other suggestion would be to clear any and all Glide related cookies.

The formula is already there in the second row. Just cleared the brower chache issue is still there. We dont have support in our starter plan

Ok that does sound odd. Just to be clear is that formula an importrange? Could you attach a screenshot of the ‘Bookings’ tab from GSheet and select the cell with your formula

Yeah the formula is import range.

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Shared ^

Thanks for the share. Sorry if this is a silly question but you are not using any additional import ranges for the headers correct? Your headers are static yes?

From what I can tell it looks correct and should work. One other thing I’ve tried is to change the data source to a copy of the original sheet… but it was for different issue. If you try that be sure to duplicate your app first.

Thanks for reply. Yes the headers are static. We have another which is running on the same sheet and the data are visible there. Only this app has the problem. Will the support help ?

I believe official support is only available for PRO plans or higher. As you know there are many experts on here willing to help… let’s see what others might have to say.

Yeah Will be waiting for them, Thanks for your time and responses

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In cases like this, maybe a script that periodically takes the data from Sheet A to move it to Sheet B might be a better choice. What do you think?

Well you might be right. I don’t find myself using importrange anymore… at least not in ways that are connected to Glide. If it helps I do have a good script for moving rows periodically credit @Darren_Murphy

function copy_new_rows_to_database() {
  // Open the source sheet and read all data into an array
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var sourcesheet = ss.getSheetByName('YOUR SOURCE SHEET');
  var data = sourcesheet.getDataRange().getValues();
  data.shift(); // Discard the header row
  var data_rows = data.length;
  if (data[0][2] == '') {  // If there is nothing in the second row, assume the sheet is empty
    console.log('No Data in source sheet')
  var archive_data = [];
  var moved_rows = [];

  // Iterate through the array of data, adding any matching rows to the archive_data array
  // and tag the original row as 'Moved'
  var row = 0;
  while (row <= data_rows) {
    var rec = data[row];
    if (typeof rec == 'undefined') { // Exit as soon as we hit the first empty row
      console.log("Done at row %s", row+1);

// If column 22 is blank process that row
    if (rec[21] == '') {
    else {
  var source_sheet_rows_processed = row;
  var archive_rows = archive_data.length;
  // If we found any rows that need moving, append them to the end of the Database sheet
  // And then write the altered data array (with newly archived rows tagged), back to the source sheet
  if (archive_rows) {
    var archive_sheet = ss.getSheetByName('YOUR DESTINATION SHEET');
    var start_row = archive_sheet.getLastRow()+1;
    archive_sheet.getRange(start_row, 1, archive_rows, 21).setValues(archive_data);
    console.log("Archived %s rows", archive_rows);
    sourcesheet.getRange(2,22,source_sheet_rows_processed, 1).setValues(moved_rows); // Start from row 2 so we don't mess with the header
  else {
    console.log('No new rows to archive.');