SOLVED: Adding images goes wrong

When I follow the procedure to add an image (having created a column on my sheet and drag and dropping the image on the app directly) it always add the URL of the image on the wrong column (‘name’ column), thus deleting the data of this column.
I don’t understand why.

Have someone had this issue?


Where are you dragging the image to? Is it an image component or a list? Are you driving it where they inside placeholder should be, or just anywhere in the screen?

Thanks for your reply!
I finally understood what happened, if it can be useful for other beginners:
I was dragging the image to an element on the screen, but it was never in the right column.
It appears that in the components section, on the right, you can change the column from where it goes. It was storing and using images from a wrong column so I changed it to select the Images column (the name I had given it)

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