SMS Notification Methods - Options

Hi all,

I wanted to cast people’s opinions on what’s the best method to send users SMS push notifications as I am seeing this as the best notification method ahead of having real in-app push notifications (come on Apple!).
I think I’m limiting this to SMS and excluding Whatsapp as although the majority of users will have Whatsapp it wont be 100%.

I’ve seen a few different potentials within the forum but nothing that lists them all out and compares.

I am currently using the method where if an action is triggered (E.g. a user fills in a certain field or a boolean field is made true or if a time limit is reached) then I have a separate Google Sheets tab that uses the QUERY function to add a row to this Google Sheets tab. I then have a Zapier Zap that is triggered by a new row being added and sends a SMS to the user.
This method works but isn’t 100% reliable.

One of the methods I have seen is where someone created a list of all of the email addresses for (mainly US) mobile providers. I’m in the UK so I’m not sure this is an option.


One of my apps needs to send a notification when a new “feedback form” is submitted. I use Integromat to look for new spreadsheet rows (polling every 15 mins) and then send the required SMS using ClickSend. This has been used quite extensively (1000s of SMS) with no issues to date. In general I have found Integromat to be more flexible and more reliable than Zapier, although slightly more challenging to get your head around initially.


Very cool, how do opt-outs work? Did you use the contact & list functionality? I am wondering how you keep things in sync.

Do you verify the number that they enter the first time?

Hi. Users have an opt-in / opt-out setting within their profile so they can control if they receive SMS notifications and even what for. Integromat checks this before it sends the SMS. I do not use verification at this time.

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