Whats app sending via Glide - Help needed

Hello, Gliders

I want to have the ability to send notifications with clients’ meeting deltiles as you can do with google calendar.

I know how to set a meeting with google calendar and send it to the client’s email, but I want to make it even cooler and send him via WhatsApp.

Any idea how?


Hey @Gideon_Lahav_Busines,

Is this an automated action or a manual one?

Should be automated

New row -> create a new event on google calendar + sending client on WhatsApp the date and hour and also some more info about the meeting (3 cells will be inaff)

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Have you tried Zapier or Integromat? I know that you can use Zapier to add events to calendar but unsure if you can use it to send WhatsApp. There is a way to send it as a SMS notification.


Yeah I tried …

I found a formula which is great (creating a url which by pressing will send the client the meeting), the only thing is to make it aoutomatic.

Half way there

Hey @Gideon_Lahav_Busines
Check this thread: WhatsApp notifications

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Thank you, I saw it acully.

But can I do it to any number that I want?

Yes you can! You can send it from one number only but you can send messages to any number.


Great, thank you very much